Just START!!!

Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, BEGIN IT. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. BEGIN IT NOW - Goethe

It’s an autumn day in London…the weather is beautiful. It’s not so warm today and it’s not too cold. It’s pretty picture perfect and I am on the set of my first photoshoot for my blog. The location is the University of Greenwich campus as the pursuit of learning and bettering oneself is an endeavour that is very close to my heart. 

Shoot location:University of Greenwich Campus(Picture by N. Malingerer)

Shoot location:University of Greenwich Campus(Picture by N. Malingerer)

You see I am an educator. That is my COMFORT ZONE. That is what I do and have been doing for over a decade. Being in front of my students in the classroom is where I come alive.

So why Angie…why are you putting yourself through this new chapter…why are you blogging and why now???

You see, I am a girlie girl at heart and like your typical girl I love all things fashion, beauty, makeup, hair, travel etc. etc. but I am also VERY passionate about EDUCATION especially girl’s education. For me education is so much more than just learning facts and figures and regurgitating them in an exam. It’s about being exposed to new forms of knowledge, being changed for the better through that knowledge and using the privilege of having that knowledge to make an impact in your world by making a positive contribution to your sphere of influence for the better. 

Being in the classroom and seeing first-hand the sometimes not so positive effects that social media has on young girls and sometimes even grown women where they are left playing the comparison game and feeling the pressure to conform just to be part of the ‘in-crowd’ or feeling that they are not enough or that they need to have the ‘latest’ on trend things to be seen as "cool", I wanted to add my voice in changing this narrative. 
I wanted girls especially young women to realise that yes it’s ok to look good because of a truth as the saying goes ‘…you are addressed the way you dress’ but let fashion be an addition to you and not the focal point of your existence.


Tastes in clothes will change and do change and what you like at 15 years of age is not necessarily what you will like at 25 years of age or beyond. So make investments in bettering yourself that will outlast changing fads and trends. Of course, you should look good and put your best face forward(I do that too) BUT beyond that why not place a GREATER weight on working on yourself to develop values, virtues and graces that will never go out of style no matter what season it is.

Why not let the beauty, amazement, creativity and wonder that the fashion and beauty industry allows us to behold to inspire us to paint those same beautiful images and descriptions on the canvas of our hearts. 
What benefit is it to look so good on the outside but not have that reflect on the inside to the core of who you are? 

As a woman, I think the biggest compliment that anyone can pay you when they encounter your awesomeness is to say that your inner virtues and qualities far surpass who you are outwardly. Developing inward attributes worthy of emulation is not automatic. It's something you must be convinced of as necessary to your being and advancement in life and commit to working on. Outward beauty is transient BUT inner beauty will outlast and outshine any physical attribute as well as stand the test of time. 
How about adding value to yourself by taking your EDUCATION so seriously and excelling in it such that it gives you options in life and opens up so many wonderful doors of opportunity for you to also make a difference in the lives of others. 
Even if your days of going to school or your academic years are way behind you, you can still commit yourself to lifelong learning by making a commitment to bettering yourself by investing in your dreams and goals by learning something new that will move your personal life, family life, career or pursuits into new dimensions and new realms that will add value to your life and to those in your sphere of influence. 

I am sharing all this to say that you if you too like me has a burning passion to see the world change for the better in some way, then whatever contribution you can make to get that vision off the ground...START NOW!!!

This week why not send that email, make that phone call, reach out to that person you've been wanting to make contact with, start that business, start that ministry, buy that domain name. Whatever it takes, just start. 

You may not have all the resources. You may not have all the necessary knowledge to START but START anyway. It’s Ok to learn as you go along. It’s all part of the journey. It might take you out of your comfort zone as you can see in my pictures on this post. When the shoot started off I was quite nervous as it was way out of my comfort zone but I had to remind myself of the cause and why I was doing it and as the shoot progressed I totally relaxed and enjoyed it. 

Something magical happens when you START.

Resources that you didn’t even know about will gravitate towards you. People that you didn’t even expect or didn’t even know existed will come into your life and will rally around you to help you bring the vision to pass. Finances and various other resources will make its way towards you. You see provision will always flow in the direction of vision.  
When I added the interview segment to my YouTube channel (Angie Broks), one of the fascinating and surprising things I realised in interviewing personalities who were influencers in their field is that they are all just ordinary people who just took a chance to make a START on their burning desires and the ensuing results were mind blowing!!! Even in the mistakes they learnt valuable lessons which moved their careers further along. So don't be afraid to START because you think you might fail. Even in the failures, you learn valuable lessons that will give you a competitive edge. 

There comes a time where you’ve thought about it long enough, where you’ve prayed about it long enough and NOW it’s time to step out in faith and START. So, START now, START where you are and START with what you have. A year from now you would have wished you had started. 
Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever did. Don’t let the fear of failure stop you from trying. There is a reason why you can’t stop thinking about it. So, START it. It’s in the process that you experience the miracles. That’s why you must begin.
There are handfuls of purpose that are laid out on the journey in front of you but you must boldly step out and begin for you to come into that level of provision. I have met some amazing people who I otherwise would not have met had I not STARTED this journey. They have been a tremendous blessing in terms of helping me to get the vision off the ground. There are divine helpers waiting on you to START so they can contribute to your work and help you bring the vision to pass. 

Now it’s your turn…kindly comment below by sharing with me just ONE thing you’ve done this year that took you out of your comfort zone and what lessons you’ve learnt in taking that step of faith.

As ever thanks for reading this blog entry and for your continued support.

Much love to you,
Angie Xxx

Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin - Zechariah 4:10

Clothing Details

*Heels- And Other Stories
*Bracelet-And Other Stories
*Neck piece with yellow beads [Christie Brown(Ghana) ] and other circular neck piece(H&M) 

*Special thanks to Fortunate of Staying Lush for the ‘face beat’ a.k.a makeup. Do definitely check out her work on Instagram @stayinglush. This chica is a prowess when it comes to makeup.