Introducing Nsubura by Duaba Serwaa

She’s been on a hiatus but now she’s back and oh bwoy!!! she’s so back with such a bang and with a brand new spanking collection that is sending literal shock waves through the fashion stratosphere. Who am I referring to? Can you guess?? Well…it’s a womenswear fashion brand with international acclaim…one of Ghana’s very own…it’s the fashion house Duaba Serwaa with Creative Director Nelly Hagan-Aboagye at its helm(that's beautiful Nelly in the picture below).

Nelly initially started her foray into the fashion world as a jewellery designer. She then used this background to develop her own unique trademark of applying jewellery to her elegantly designed clothing pieces. Duaba Serwa mixes texture and volume into making beautifully constructed, stylish and elegant clothing. When it comes to introducing structure into clothing I know of no one who totally gets how to intricately incorporate structure into garment construction than Duaba Serwaa. Would you believe it if I told you that Nelly is a trained nurse by profession and started out in fashion without any formal training in fashion design. The raw talent she exudes in her pieces is a gift and it’s always so refreshing to behold.

Initially when I saw the collection, what jumped out at me was the clever blend of various shades of the traditional African wax print but it wasn’t until I reached out to the Creative Director of the brand herself Nelly that I gained a better understanding of the collection. Nelly explained to me that what I thought I had observed in the print was actually not the traditional African wax print. What she has in fact done with our traditional African wax print is to actually weave the print. I was like…what??? That is so very creative!!!

You just look at these images. Can you spot the intricate woven detailing in the fabric? It just left me speechless…I was like Wow!!! Wow!!! Wow!!!

The way I can best describe what is going on in the above fabric is to draw a synonym between what Duaba Serwaa has created and how the traditional Ghanaian kente fabric is woven. What Nelly has done with the fabrics in the ‘Nsubura’ collection is to actually weave it just like the kente fabric. This is pure genius. The level of attention to detail and the lengths that Nelly has gone to as the Creative Director of the brand Duaba Serwaa with this collection is exemplary in every sense of the word. I love it when fashion designers raise the bar in the industry and go to extra lengths by pushing the boundaries of what we think is possible by introducing fashion forward pieces rich in detail, structure, elegance & poise.

Permit me to introduce you to Duaba Serwaa’s latest collection aptly titled ‘Nsubura’. It is an Akan word which means 'well'. The tiny dots which you saw in the above image in the fabric are in a spiral form and resemble the ripples made in a well after water is fetched from it or when a stone is dropped into its depths.

Are you ready to view the collection??? Well…prepare to be dazzled & totally blown away. Nelly the Creative Director of the brand was very kind in sending me the original pictures from the photography shoot to launch their latest collection. Nsubura is a limited edition collection so please if you spot any pieces you like, I will suggest you place an order ASAP because once it’s gone, it’s really gone!!!

This is Nsubura!!! Congratulations Duaba Serwaa. With this collection, you have certainly raised the bar and set it very high!!! Very well done!!!

Model: Nichola

Photography: Sefa Nkansa

Styling: Afua Rida

Duaba Serwaa ships internationally. You can call their customer services number on: +233 244628895(You can also send a Whatsapp enquiry to the same number and you will receive a speedy response) 

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*The red sandals that appear in the image where the model is wearing a shift dress is made in Ghana by 'Heel the World Shoes':