Styling Afro Jazz Singer ADOMAA

She dresses in fine linen and PURPLE gowns...She is clothed with strength and dignity..."-Proverbs 31:22;25(NLT)


I love the colour purple💜. Not only is it very royal in its hue but it exudes a quiet strength & confidence & it's a colour that symbolises dignity. 

Last Saturday the 25th of March 2017, the maiden Ghana Legacy Awards was held in Accra, Ghana & I had the privilege of styling Afro Jazz singer ADOMAA for the event. Imagine being given just 5 days to come up with a concept & to execute it!!! But God!!!

First up, I had to come up with the style for the dress, source the fabric for it & get a designer who understands how to construct ball gown type dresses to make it. I reached out to my home country of Ghana for that inspiration as it's a melting pot for so many brilliant, gifted & talented creatives. 

In stepped Quophi Michaels. This was my first time working with Quophi & I must say that his professionalism & dedication to his craft was exemplary. It was really lovely collaborating with him to bring my ideas to life. He sourced the fabric for me from fabric store Woodin in Accra. I love Woodin. They have very unique & unusual African prints. The fabric comes in various colours, it comes in red, green & orange but I fell in love with this rich purple & I loved the gold Adinkra symbols that are interspersed within the African print fabric. It makes it all very royal. As the outfit was an evening event I wanted the metallic gold in the fabric to pop ever so slightly on stage. 

My brief was to come up with something that had a Wow factor to it. For me comfort is so key. Adomaa is a performing artist & so comfort on stage is very important. When it comes to styling, you want your client to be singularly focused on their event(in Adomaa's case it's her performance on stage) without being distracted by their outfit. It was very important to me that she was very comfortable in her outfit. 

To give the outfit that princess ball room gown effect, Quophi suggested that we needed a petticoat underneath the outfit. Would you believe that he made the petticoat from scratch using a net like fabric also from Woodin. That is improvised genius & creativity on display. Simply stellar👌🏾

Adomaa's hair was styled in faux locs which was installed by natural hair stylists extraordinaire "Twists & Locs" who are based in the heart of the City of Accra, Ghana in Osu. Their faux locs absolutely popped. Hair is the crown that tops an outfit  off. Adomaa looked so regal with her faux locs placed in an updo. 

Next is the bling a.k.a the accessories that will make the entire outfit pop. Accessories are such an intricate part of styling any clothing piece. It is what makes the outfit come to life. In came Odara who specialise in unique pieces. They are also based in Accra Their dainty accessories "blinged" so bright & brought the entire outfit to life. I went for gold accessories to compliment the gold Adinkra symbols in the purple Woodin  fabric. 

You can have an amazing outfit but to put  your best face forward, a make up artist is key. Maame "beat" Adomaa's face to pure perfection. Her makeup skills are simply flawless. I loved the gold & purple eyeshadow on Adomaa's eyelids which complemented the entire outfit so well. 

Last but not the least, what is the point of having an amazing outfit, beautiful hair, bling popping accessories, a flawless face "beat" without a good photographer to capture your complete look. That's the magic that Grey Studios(Ghana) brought to Adomaa's look that night. His pictures are an absolute dream. He captured the very essence of who Adomaa is so well. His pictures showed that he understood his subject & his images really popped. 

I love styling and creating concepts & being able to bring those concepts to life and it's always a blessing to have the opportunity to pursue your passion alongside your life's work. God has blessed & endowed each & everyone of us with unique gifts, abilities & talents and He expects us to use it to serve others. What gift & talent has God blessed you with? Please don't despise it or disregard it. Rather use it to serve others &to  be a blessing to them. You will be amazed at how God will use it to open doors of favour & opportunity to you. 

Thanks for reading my blog post. I hope it inspires you to use your gifts to serve others & for God's ultimate glory.

Lots of love,

Angie Xxx

Proverbs 18:16-"A person's gift makes room for him, and leads him before important people"

*Link to the contact details of the Ghanaian creatives whose collaboration brought my styling of Adomaa's look together.

~Quophi Akotua(clothing designer):


~Twists & Locs(hair):

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