Wagner Ayu

From Nigeria to the World: Introducing Wanger Ayu (A Fashion Label You Should Know)

Wanger Ayu (pronounced "Wangay Ah-Yoo") is an eponymous Nigerian affordable luxury womenswear fashion label. I first came across their clothing pieces on Instagram and I must say that it was fashion at first sight. I just fell in love with the understated simplicity and quietly confident elegance of their summer dresses as seen in the pictures below and as worn by the Creative Director of the brand herself Miss Wanger M. Ayu.  

The label was set up in August of 2010 by Miss Ayu but way before 2010, from the age of 19, she had already been creating one-off pieces for her friends, family, and acquaintances What I especially loved about the pieces in the images above was the understated yet quiet confidence and girly playfulness these summer dresses exuded and so I placed an order for both of them. From ordering to delivery, the process was so smooth and hassle-free. Even better was when the pieces arrived in London, I was totally blown away by the expert tailoring, creativity and the brilliant craftsmanship that went into every single piece. Attention to detail was in abundance and that was so good to experience with my first order. This was my first foray into the affordable African luxury market and I must say that the label went over and above their call of duty and really pulled out all the punches. The price point was just right without compromising on detail. There was an abundance of luxury in the choice of fabric and expert tailoring and craftsmanship that went into each single piece that I ordered. I wore them to work and I received so many compliments from my students. Even total strangers would stop me on the streets of London and ask me where I got my summer dresses from.  

I love Wanger Ayu's quirky interpretation of combining a taste of Africa with vintage appeal and yet they still manage to infuse modernity into their silhouettes. I would describe their clothing as when fashion meets style, then art, then life and finally love in a luxurious yet affordable manner with fresh creative ideas that make for one of a kind fashion pieces. According to the label, their take on fashion is to create ‘…quirky and unique pieces which stand the test of time, by reconciling modern conflicts with inner rhythmic expressions’. 

This continues to be the case for the label’s Autumn/Winter 2016/2017 EPOCH collection which by the way is out of this world. Kindly scroll down to view the collection.

EPOCH is a retro-futuristic celebration of the 70’s era yet with a touch of modernity infused into the delicate feminine pieces with details such as floral patterns, ruffles, lace and edgy cuts and cutting edge creativity in styling the pieces. This is the EPOCH collection. Drum roll please…just prepare to be dazzled!!!


Wanger Ayu Credits

For enquiries and to place an order:

Whatsapp/Call: +2348170757060

Email: info@wangerayu.com

Website: www.wangerayu.com

Instagram: http://instagram.com/wangerayu

Epoch Collection Photoshoot Credits

Photography: Somto Maduka – @imagio

Hair Styling: Khenye Gager – @khenye @enigma.art

Makeup Artist: Mmeka Ronald Chinedu – @Ronaldthe7th

Model: Ruth Waziri – @Ruddiye

Location: The Cube Cafe – @thecubecafe