Ilàré Fall 2016 Lookbook

There was a time when, if you wanted to buy corporate work wear in Africa, you either had to pay an arm and a leg for the few choice items that were available to buy or you had to wait till either you or someone you knew was travelling abroad so you could stock up on work wear. It's very refreshing to see African based designers responding to the need for work wear that is both made and available locally on the continent by including work wear in their collections.

That is what I find refreshing about this particular Fall 2016 Lookbook. It includes some really fashionable work wear pieces that still pays homage to the continent with it's vibrant prints. 


Let me introduce you to IlàréIlàré is a wearable contemporary fashion brand based in Nigeria. They recently released their Fall 2016 lookbook. I love the clean silhouettes and minimalist feel of their pieces. Their fall winter 2016 collection also features the signature ‘puff poet’ sleeve in some of the pieces which adds a bit of pizzzazzz to the traditional work wear attire. Who says you can't do work wear fashionably!!

It's not all about work wear at Ilàré though. They have a host of wearable contemporary pieces in their fall 2016 Lookbook that can be worn for virtually any occasion on a woman's social calendar. From a dinner party to a wedding party, to that night out with your significant other to meeting up with your friends, Ilàré has you absolutely covered. Here is a complete overview of the other pieces in their Fall 2016 Lookbook.


Stockists: Temple Muse, Lagos & 41 Luxe, Abuja.

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