Christie Brown (Ghana) introduces their: Fall/Winter 2016 Collection

Ghanaian luxury fashion label Christie Brown has just released their Fall/Winter 2016 collection and the pieces are sizzling hot!!! According to the fashion label, this fall/winter 2016 collection is 'Quite simply inspired by the classic Christie Brown woman''. In their own words, ''... our F/W 2016 collection encompasses the wardrobe of a woman who can merge culture, style smarts and sex appeal at the same time. Meticulous and mindful, she is never one to be distracted from her goals: Being able to take care of business and others. This capsule is the apparel embodiment of where our woman has been, where she is now and where she is going. This collection aims to highlight the diversity and power of African women in history, who’s lives have impacted the future of many other strong, wise, beautiful and mentally independent women''

So....who is 'The Christie Brown Woman'!!! According to Christie Brown(Ghana), this collection is an ode to the African Woman and a celebration of who she is and what she represents.

1) She is...The audacity of Africa

2) She is...Assertive & Confident

3) She is...The definition of 'New Africa'

4) She...moves to the beat of her own drum and she commands attention effortlessly

5) She is...Stoic and Sexy


With this collection, Christie Brown(Ghana) plays ode to the audacity of Africa by championing the cause of the African Woman who is assertive and confident.

‘The Christie Brown Woman’ is the ‘audacity of Africa’.

This collection surely packs a punch!!! The rich vibrant hues of colour which are a myriad and fusion of dark blues, yellows, purples, burgundy, browns, turquoise and a plethora of other bold and vibrant colours in rich satin, lace and cotton fabrics all makes for a really exciting collection. I totally love how fringes were carefully weaved into some of the clothes in this collection. It’s so well done. It’s visually as well as aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

What particularly stood out to me as I viewed the collection is Christie Brown's modern take on the traditional Ghanaian BATAKARI which is synonymous with Northern Ghana. I was like Wow!!! What a unique way to blend the traditional batakari fabric with a wax print and and to pair it with a such rich gold lace blouse is the stuff fashion dreams are made of!!! 

Super model Belinda Baidoo did total justice to the collection. She made the clothes so come alive. Photographer Amokwei Quarshie of Quarets was phenomenal behind the lens. His pictures are a breath of fresh air. Kwabena Asamoah Brako-Adu totally raised the bar with the Art Direction, Creative Direction and Styling of the Fall/Winter 2016 campaign. The ultimate kudos for this collection rests with The Creative Director of the Christie Brown fashion label Aisha Ayensu. The sheer force of her creativity in designing this collection is un-paralleled. This collection is totally lit!!! Team CB Ayeeko…I salute you on such an impressive collection. Very well done!!!

Creative Director of Christie Brown(Ghana) Aisha Ayensu

Creative Director of Christie Brown(Ghana) Aisha Ayensu

Here is a look at the other pieces that make up the entire Fall/Winter 2016 collection from Christie Brown(Ghana)

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~Christie Brown(Ghana)-'Where modernism meets tradition. Where contemporary meets antique. Where personal style meets just the right touch of Africa'

''She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come''-Proverbs 31:25