Introducing Nsubura by Duaba Serwaa

She’s been on a hiatus but now she’s back and oh bwoy!!! she’s so back with such a bang and with a brand new spanking collection that is sending literal shock waves through the fashion stratosphere. Who am I referring to? Can you guess?? Well…it’s a womenswear fashion brand with international acclaim…one of Ghana’s very own…it’s the fashion house Duaba Serwaa with Creative Director Nelly Hagan-Aboagye at its helm(that's beautiful Nelly in the picture below).

Nelly initially started her foray into the fashion world as a jewellery designer. She then used this background to develop her own unique trademark of applying jewellery to her elegantly designed clothing pieces. Duaba Serwa mixes texture and volume into making beautifully constructed, stylish and elegant clothing. When it comes to introducing structure into clothing I know of no one who totally gets how to intricately incorporate structure into garment construction than Duaba Serwaa. Would you believe it if I told you that Nelly is a trained nurse by profession and started out in fashion without any formal training in fashion design. The raw talent she exudes in her pieces is a gift and it’s always so refreshing to behold.

Initially when I saw the collection, what jumped out at me was the clever blend of various shades of the traditional African wax print but it wasn’t until I reached out to the Creative Director of the brand herself Nelly that I gained a better understanding of the collection. Nelly explained to me that what I thought I had observed in the print was actually not the traditional African wax print. What she has in fact done with our traditional African wax print is to actually weave the print. I was like…what??? That is so very creative!!!

You just look at these images. Can you spot the intricate woven detailing in the fabric? It just left me speechless…I was like Wow!!! Wow!!! Wow!!!

The way I can best describe what is going on in the above fabric is to draw a synonym between what Duaba Serwaa has created and how the traditional Ghanaian kente fabric is woven. What Nelly has done with the fabrics in the ‘Nsubura’ collection is to actually weave it just like the kente fabric. This is pure genius. The level of attention to detail and the lengths that Nelly has gone to as the Creative Director of the brand Duaba Serwaa with this collection is exemplary in every sense of the word. I love it when fashion designers raise the bar in the industry and go to extra lengths by pushing the boundaries of what we think is possible by introducing fashion forward pieces rich in detail, structure, elegance & poise.

Permit me to introduce you to Duaba Serwaa’s latest collection aptly titled ‘Nsubura’. It is an Akan word which means 'well'. The tiny dots which you saw in the above image in the fabric are in a spiral form and resemble the ripples made in a well after water is fetched from it or when a stone is dropped into its depths.

Are you ready to view the collection??? Well…prepare to be dazzled & totally blown away. Nelly the Creative Director of the brand was very kind in sending me the original pictures from the photography shoot to launch their latest collection. Nsubura is a limited edition collection so please if you spot any pieces you like, I will suggest you place an order ASAP because once it’s gone, it’s really gone!!!

This is Nsubura!!! Congratulations Duaba Serwaa. With this collection, you have certainly raised the bar and set it very high!!! Very well done!!!

Model: Nichola

Photography: Sefa Nkansa

Styling: Afua Rida

Duaba Serwaa ships internationally. You can call their customer services number on: +233 244628895(You can also send a Whatsapp enquiry to the same number and you will receive a speedy response) 

Duaba Serwaa social media handles:



*The red sandals that appear in the image where the model is wearing a shift dress is made in Ghana by 'Heel the World Shoes':

Styling Afro Jazz Singer ADOMAA

She dresses in fine linen and PURPLE gowns...She is clothed with strength and dignity..."-Proverbs 31:22;25(NLT)


I love the colour purple💜. Not only is it very royal in its hue but it exudes a quiet strength & confidence & it's a colour that symbolises dignity. 

Last Saturday the 25th of March 2017, the maiden Ghana Legacy Awards was held in Accra, Ghana & I had the privilege of styling Afro Jazz singer ADOMAA for the event. Imagine being given just 5 days to come up with a concept & to execute it!!! But God!!!

First up, I had to come up with the style for the dress, source the fabric for it & get a designer who understands how to construct ball gown type dresses to make it. I reached out to my home country of Ghana for that inspiration as it's a melting pot for so many brilliant, gifted & talented creatives. 

In stepped Quophi Michaels. This was my first time working with Quophi & I must say that his professionalism & dedication to his craft was exemplary. It was really lovely collaborating with him to bring my ideas to life. He sourced the fabric for me from fabric store Woodin in Accra. I love Woodin. They have very unique & unusual African prints. The fabric comes in various colours, it comes in red, green & orange but I fell in love with this rich purple & I loved the gold Adinkra symbols that are interspersed within the African print fabric. It makes it all very royal. As the outfit was an evening event I wanted the metallic gold in the fabric to pop ever so slightly on stage. 

My brief was to come up with something that had a Wow factor to it. For me comfort is so key. Adomaa is a performing artist & so comfort on stage is very important. When it comes to styling, you want your client to be singularly focused on their event(in Adomaa's case it's her performance on stage) without being distracted by their outfit. It was very important to me that she was very comfortable in her outfit. 

To give the outfit that princess ball room gown effect, Quophi suggested that we needed a petticoat underneath the outfit. Would you believe that he made the petticoat from scratch using a net like fabric also from Woodin. That is improvised genius & creativity on display. Simply stellar👌🏾

Adomaa's hair was styled in faux locs which was installed by natural hair stylists extraordinaire "Twists & Locs" who are based in the heart of the City of Accra, Ghana in Osu. Their faux locs absolutely popped. Hair is the crown that tops an outfit  off. Adomaa looked so regal with her faux locs placed in an updo. 

Next is the bling a.k.a the accessories that will make the entire outfit pop. Accessories are such an intricate part of styling any clothing piece. It is what makes the outfit come to life. In came Odara who specialise in unique pieces. They are also based in Accra Their dainty accessories "blinged" so bright & brought the entire outfit to life. I went for gold accessories to compliment the gold Adinkra symbols in the purple Woodin  fabric. 

You can have an amazing outfit but to put  your best face forward, a make up artist is key. Maame "beat" Adomaa's face to pure perfection. Her makeup skills are simply flawless. I loved the gold & purple eyeshadow on Adomaa's eyelids which complemented the entire outfit so well. 

Last but not the least, what is the point of having an amazing outfit, beautiful hair, bling popping accessories, a flawless face "beat" without a good photographer to capture your complete look. That's the magic that Grey Studios(Ghana) brought to Adomaa's look that night. His pictures are an absolute dream. He captured the very essence of who Adomaa is so well. His pictures showed that he understood his subject & his images really popped. 

I love styling and creating concepts & being able to bring those concepts to life and it's always a blessing to have the opportunity to pursue your passion alongside your life's work. God has blessed & endowed each & everyone of us with unique gifts, abilities & talents and He expects us to use it to serve others. What gift & talent has God blessed you with? Please don't despise it or disregard it. Rather use it to serve others &to  be a blessing to them. You will be amazed at how God will use it to open doors of favour & opportunity to you. 

Thanks for reading my blog post. I hope it inspires you to use your gifts to serve others & for God's ultimate glory.

Lots of love,

Angie Xxx

Proverbs 18:16-"A person's gift makes room for him, and leads him before important people"

*Link to the contact details of the Ghanaian creatives whose collaboration brought my styling of Adomaa's look together.

~Quophi Akotua(clothing designer):


~Twists & Locs(hair):

~Makeup Artist(Maame Sarpong):

Wagner Ayu

From Nigeria to the World: Introducing Wanger Ayu (A Fashion Label You Should Know)

Wanger Ayu (pronounced "Wangay Ah-Yoo") is an eponymous Nigerian affordable luxury womenswear fashion label. I first came across their clothing pieces on Instagram and I must say that it was fashion at first sight. I just fell in love with the understated simplicity and quietly confident elegance of their summer dresses as seen in the pictures below and as worn by the Creative Director of the brand herself Miss Wanger M. Ayu.  

The label was set up in August of 2010 by Miss Ayu but way before 2010, from the age of 19, she had already been creating one-off pieces for her friends, family, and acquaintances What I especially loved about the pieces in the images above was the understated yet quiet confidence and girly playfulness these summer dresses exuded and so I placed an order for both of them. From ordering to delivery, the process was so smooth and hassle-free. Even better was when the pieces arrived in London, I was totally blown away by the expert tailoring, creativity and the brilliant craftsmanship that went into every single piece. Attention to detail was in abundance and that was so good to experience with my first order. This was my first foray into the affordable African luxury market and I must say that the label went over and above their call of duty and really pulled out all the punches. The price point was just right without compromising on detail. There was an abundance of luxury in the choice of fabric and expert tailoring and craftsmanship that went into each single piece that I ordered. I wore them to work and I received so many compliments from my students. Even total strangers would stop me on the streets of London and ask me where I got my summer dresses from.  

I love Wanger Ayu's quirky interpretation of combining a taste of Africa with vintage appeal and yet they still manage to infuse modernity into their silhouettes. I would describe their clothing as when fashion meets style, then art, then life and finally love in a luxurious yet affordable manner with fresh creative ideas that make for one of a kind fashion pieces. According to the label, their take on fashion is to create ‘…quirky and unique pieces which stand the test of time, by reconciling modern conflicts with inner rhythmic expressions’. 

This continues to be the case for the label’s Autumn/Winter 2016/2017 EPOCH collection which by the way is out of this world. Kindly scroll down to view the collection.

EPOCH is a retro-futuristic celebration of the 70’s era yet with a touch of modernity infused into the delicate feminine pieces with details such as floral patterns, ruffles, lace and edgy cuts and cutting edge creativity in styling the pieces. This is the EPOCH collection. Drum roll please…just prepare to be dazzled!!!


Wanger Ayu Credits

For enquiries and to place an order:

Whatsapp/Call: +2348170757060




Epoch Collection Photoshoot Credits

Photography: Somto Maduka – @imagio

Hair Styling: Khenye Gager – @khenye

Makeup Artist: Mmeka Ronald Chinedu – @Ronaldthe7th

Model: Ruth Waziri – @Ruddiye

Location: The Cube Cafe – @thecubecafe


Ilàré Fall 2016 Lookbook

There was a time when, if you wanted to buy corporate work wear in Africa, you either had to pay an arm and a leg for the few choice items that were available to buy or you had to wait till either you or someone you knew was travelling abroad so you could stock up on work wear. It's very refreshing to see African based designers responding to the need for work wear that is both made and available locally on the continent by including work wear in their collections.

That is what I find refreshing about this particular Fall 2016 Lookbook. It includes some really fashionable work wear pieces that still pays homage to the continent with it's vibrant prints. 


Let me introduce you to IlàréIlàré is a wearable contemporary fashion brand based in Nigeria. They recently released their Fall 2016 lookbook. I love the clean silhouettes and minimalist feel of their pieces. Their fall winter 2016 collection also features the signature ‘puff poet’ sleeve in some of the pieces which adds a bit of pizzzazzz to the traditional work wear attire. Who says you can't do work wear fashionably!!

It's not all about work wear at Ilàré though. They have a host of wearable contemporary pieces in their fall 2016 Lookbook that can be worn for virtually any occasion on a woman's social calendar. From a dinner party to a wedding party, to that night out with your significant other to meeting up with your friends, Ilàré has you absolutely covered. Here is a complete overview of the other pieces in their Fall 2016 Lookbook.


Stockists: Temple Muse, Lagos & 41 Luxe, Abuja.

Order 📧:


Christie Brown (Ghana) introduces their: Fall/Winter 2016 Collection

Ghanaian luxury fashion label Christie Brown has just released their Fall/Winter 2016 collection and the pieces are sizzling hot!!! According to the fashion label, this fall/winter 2016 collection is 'Quite simply inspired by the classic Christie Brown woman''. In their own words, ''... our F/W 2016 collection encompasses the wardrobe of a woman who can merge culture, style smarts and sex appeal at the same time. Meticulous and mindful, she is never one to be distracted from her goals: Being able to take care of business and others. This capsule is the apparel embodiment of where our woman has been, where she is now and where she is going. This collection aims to highlight the diversity and power of African women in history, who’s lives have impacted the future of many other strong, wise, beautiful and mentally independent women''

So....who is 'The Christie Brown Woman'!!! According to Christie Brown(Ghana), this collection is an ode to the African Woman and a celebration of who she is and what she represents.

1) She is...The audacity of Africa

2) She is...Assertive & Confident

3) She is...The definition of 'New Africa'

4) She...moves to the beat of her own drum and she commands attention effortlessly

5) She is...Stoic and Sexy


With this collection, Christie Brown(Ghana) plays ode to the audacity of Africa by championing the cause of the African Woman who is assertive and confident.

‘The Christie Brown Woman’ is the ‘audacity of Africa’.

This collection surely packs a punch!!! The rich vibrant hues of colour which are a myriad and fusion of dark blues, yellows, purples, burgundy, browns, turquoise and a plethora of other bold and vibrant colours in rich satin, lace and cotton fabrics all makes for a really exciting collection. I totally love how fringes were carefully weaved into some of the clothes in this collection. It’s so well done. It’s visually as well as aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

What particularly stood out to me as I viewed the collection is Christie Brown's modern take on the traditional Ghanaian BATAKARI which is synonymous with Northern Ghana. I was like Wow!!! What a unique way to blend the traditional batakari fabric with a wax print and and to pair it with a such rich gold lace blouse is the stuff fashion dreams are made of!!! 

Super model Belinda Baidoo did total justice to the collection. She made the clothes so come alive. Photographer Amokwei Quarshie of Quarets was phenomenal behind the lens. His pictures are a breath of fresh air. Kwabena Asamoah Brako-Adu totally raised the bar with the Art Direction, Creative Direction and Styling of the Fall/Winter 2016 campaign. The ultimate kudos for this collection rests with The Creative Director of the Christie Brown fashion label Aisha Ayensu. The sheer force of her creativity in designing this collection is un-paralleled. This collection is totally lit!!! Team CB Ayeeko…I salute you on such an impressive collection. Very well done!!!

Creative Director of Christie Brown(Ghana) Aisha Ayensu

Creative Director of Christie Brown(Ghana) Aisha Ayensu

Here is a look at the other pieces that make up the entire Fall/Winter 2016 collection from Christie Brown(Ghana)

To shop Christie Brown(Ghana's) Fall/Winter 2016 collection:

*Contact their Osu flagship store on + 233 (0) 244 418 477. You can also send a Whatsapp message to the same number to make clothing enquiries

*Email :

*Visit their flagship store: 809 Eleventh Lane. Viva Court. Osu, Accra, Ghana.

*Shop online via:

~Christie Brown(Ghana)-'Where modernism meets tradition. Where contemporary meets antique. Where personal style meets just the right touch of Africa'

''She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come''-Proverbs 31:25


Introducing House of Deola’s Komole Kandids Wedding Collection 2016

A fashion house out of Africa whose work I greatly admire is ‘House of Deola’ based in Nigeria. 2016 marked a change in terms of creative direction for the fashion house. It re-branded and changed it’s name from ‘Deola Sagoe’ to House of Deola.

This re-branding sent literal shock waves through the fashion stratosphere with the release of not just one, but two wedding collections named "Komole Kandids" Series 1 & 2. 

At the core of this collections aesthetic, is classic Nigerian fabrics coupled with a masterful blend of pure creative genius with ingenuity and expert craftsmanship. All these elements come together so beautifully in what I can best describe as a "marriage" of vibrant, carefully put together and very well made clothes. 

The Komole Kandids Series 1 presents an assemblage of designs for bridal wear drawing upon the mood and romance evoked by royalty and royal weddings through the ages.

Speaking of the inspiration behind the collection, Deola Ade Ojo who is the Creative Director of the re-branded ‘House of Deola’ had this to say about the collection. 

I imagine a Komole bride. She is independent and in charge, but still demure and gentle like the current Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton. She honors everyone that looks her way with that wow Komole creation! …She is the new light in all their lives!

At the heart of fabrics worn to Nigerian functions is the Aso-Oke and lace fabrics. In the Kumole Kandids series, House of Deola has found an expert way to combine both fabrics in one seamless aesthetic. 

According to the Creative Director of the brand, 

There is no need any more to have Aso-Oke and a Lace outfit as two answers to an occasions fashion demands. We have combined both into one and by so doing we have transcended into making the new creation even better than the sum of its parts. The new fabric motifs and the fashion that we have formed them into, elevate the wearer to princess level, while still keeping her culturally grounded – I believe that this is what true class and elegance is about, shining in the form of a glow rather than a tinselly shine

On the day House of Deola released the first series in the "Komole Kandids" range, I remember waiting in anticipation on Instagram and literally I felt my heart singing when the collection went live. It was well worth the wait as piece after piece left you wanting more. 

Below are my favourite pieces from Series 1. I trust you like me will fall in love with the collection and I pray it encourages you to show your tangible support for African fashion by being a connoisseur of clothing from the continent not just in word but in our deeds by our monetary support in purchasing these pieces. 

There is a fashion revolution going on in the continent and it needs our support. The African designer goes through so many challenges just to make clothes locally but despite these challenges they never bemoan their plight but season after season against all odds they create pieces that are out of this world and is an ode to all the best that Africa has to offer.

Prepare to be dazzled as you feast your eyes on "Komole Kandids" Series 1.

Introducing...SALMA. She is my favourite piece in the entire collection. She is an emerald green floor length dress with an attached peplum belt frill and patterned with a Komole Kandids forest motif.

Next up its IMANI. She is a one shoulder celadon floor length dress with an attached ruched 'ipele" and patterned with a Komole Kandids forest motif.

Have you met LIYA from the Komole Kandids Series 1 collection? Well...let me tell you a bit about LIYA. She is an ivory boned corset with diaphanous divides and an ivory "winged" skirt. The corset and skirt that together make up LIYA are both patterned with a Komole Kandids forest motif. 

Can I tell you about MENA? She is very conservative BUT oh!!! so glamorous. She is so me on days when I want to 'front sha' as in I want to go traditional but with an elegant twist if you see what I mean. MENA is an apricot and platinum "Double Wrapper" style ensemble. Her double wrapper is finished with a signature Deola "cadeaux bow-back" and patterned with a Komole Kandids nectar motif. 

If there was ever a time when my love for all things blue was was when I first laid my eyes on ANASTASIA. She is made up of an ultra-marine blouson and floor length skirt embellished in ultra-marine blue "roses". The blouson in this ensemble is patterned with an azalea motif. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed browsing through the pictures in this first instalment of Komole Kandids from House of Deola. Stay tuned next week for more pictures from the collection.

Lots of love,

Angie Xxx

''...clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience''-Colossians 3:12