Moving Forward by Stephanie Ike

In the last year, God has taken me on a deep spiritual experience where I have come to trust and rely on Him solely for every step and every move I make.

As part of this process, He led me to several books, Christian devotional writing pieces and sermons that have all contributed to birthing the vision of Angie Broks which is still unfolding. 

A book that has been crucial in this process is ‘Moving Forward’ by Stephanie Ike. The way this book found its way into my life is nothing short of a miracle (I will share that testimony at a later date). 

Stephanie Ike the author of this book is also a Teacher of God’s Word at One Church LA which is co-pastored by Pastor Toure Roberts and his wife First Lady Sarah Jakes-Roberts (who is the daughter of Bishop T.D Jakes).

As we journey through life, we will all at one point or another come to a cross-roads where we know that there is more to life than what we are currently experiencing but when we look at our current circumstances we feel that we haven’t got what it takes to change our circumstances. At this ‘fork in the road’, we can either throw our hands up in the air, give up and go with the status quo or we can decide that come rain or shine we will press into God and get all that He has in store for us by moving forward with the dreams He has placed in our hearts.

The righteous keep moving forward - Job 17:9(NLT)

As a child of God, you have right standing with God(righteousness) as a result of the price that jesus Christ paid for you by dying on the cross. By virtue of this greatest of sacrifices, you have the supernatural ability, grace and power of God at your disposal to keep moving forward and to become all that God has destined for you to become in this life. 

If there is any book that I will HIGHLY recommend that you read this year it will be this book ‘Moving Forward’ by Stephanie Ike.

In the book, Stephanie writes, ‘’…God created you as a solution to a problem (or several problems) that He has observed presently exist (or will exist). Your service to these problems is YOUR PURPOSE’.

Personally I find the greatest fulfilment and I am at my happiest when I am walking in my purpose by using all the skills, talents and abilities that God has given me to be of service to others. The purpose of God for your life will always have at the heart of it service to others. It’s so not about us. It’s about God using us to be a blessing to others.

Over the next few weeks I will share snippets of wisdom that I have gained from reading the book. In the meantime I will leave you with the Chapter contents of the book which in itself is very revelatory. It’s a MUST purchase book if you’re really determined to fulfil your purpose and destiny. 

The Book is divided into 3 parts.

Part 1: Letting Go

Teaching #1: God’s Purpose Involves Your Mistakes

Teaching #2: Your Circumstances Are Not the Result of Another’s Actions

Teaching #3: Comfort Sacrifices Greatness

Teaching #4: Seeking Worldly Validation Is Detrimental to Purpose

Teaching #5: Making excuses Doesn’t Mean You’re Excused

Teaching #: Purpose and Pleasure Can’t Co-Exist

Teaching #7: Resistance to Change Will Affect Your Growth

Part 2: Trusting God

Teaching #8: What You Fear Is Designed To Favour You

Teaching #9: Concluding on Your Understanding Will Limit Your Progress

Teaching #10: Gratitude is a Supernatural Weapon

Teaching #11: All Things Are Possible With God

Teaching #12: Your Small Beginnings Are Threat’s To The Enemy

Teaching #13: Preparation is A Hidden Process

Teaching #14: You’re More Prepared Than you Think

Part 3: Pressing On

Teaching #15: You Don’t have To Be Called Out To Stand Out

Teaching #16: Nothing Changes Until You Speak

Teaching #17: Our Authentic Selves Reveal Our Authority

Teaching #18: Purpose Demands Discipline

Teaching #19: Pressing In To Press On

Teaching #20: Finishing Well Begins With A Clear Vision

Teaching #21: Finishing Well Is Built On Good Character

Angie Xxx