My Skincare Story

As a teenager I had very bad acne which almost threatened to completely ruin my facial skin and as a girl who had just hit puberty, it was a very big deal to me. My face always looked like I had a perpetual bout of small pox. Every part of my face apart from my eyes and nose was constantly covered in spots.

Various doctors had prescribed all sorts of topical and oral medications that worked for a while with minimum relief. But I remember one summer for no reason I was walking on the streets of the City Centre in Dundee, Scotland and my face was literally burning for no apparent reason. I remember walking into the Department store Debenhams and making a beeline for the nearest counter to ask if there was any product they could recommend to give me some relief. I remember the kind sales lady spraying a spritz of something on my face which was so soothing and helped a little. I walked out of the store that day and vowed that I will become my own dermatologist and will do my personal research when it came to my skin. 

A few weeks later, armed with information from my research, I walked boldly and confidently into my doctor’s office and made a compelling case to him that as much as I appreciated all his efforts, his attempts to help had proved futile and that I had researched and found a new drug that was having tremendous success in America and which had just been introduced in the UK. My doctor was reluctant at first but he was willing to have a go. The medication was called Roaccutane. It is a vitamin A derivative but highly potent and it is used to treat strictly severe cases of acne and is available only via prescription from a dermatologist who needs to closely monitor your progress whilst on it due to the side effects some of which can be quite severe. 863 tablets later taken over a period of six months, glory to God, I was and have continued to be acne free for 16 years so far. I have learnt so much about skin care and I would love nothing more than to share some of my tips and tricks for maintaining healthy and naturally glowing skincare with you.

When it comes to skincare, I believe that your skin’s health is paramount. With skincare products, less is always more. Knowing your skin type is where it all starts as well as one’s diet and attitudes in general to overall fitness. I believe in putting your best face forward as it makes you confident and self-assured.

On this segment of the website, I will share tips and tricks for maintaining naturally healthy and glowing skin. 

I hope you will be inspired and encouraged by what I share on maintaining healthy skin care. 

Lots of Love,

Angie Xxx